2017 Job Specific Tax Deduction Guides

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Industry Specific Tax Deduction Guides

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Adult Industry Adult industry workers – claiming work-related expenses
Airline employees Airline employees
Australian Defence Force Australian Defence Force members – claiming work-related expenses Australian Defence Force members
Building & construction Building and construction employees – claiming work-related expenses
Business professionals Business professionals – deductions you may be able to claim
Cleaners Cleaners
Earth moving plant operator Earthmoving plant operators – claiming work-related expenses
Education professionals Education professionals – claiming work-related expenses
Electricians Electricians – claiming work-related expenses
Engineers Engineers – claiming work-related expenses
Factory workers Factory workers
Fitness & sporting industry Fitness and sporting industry employees – what expenses can I claim?
Flight attendants Flight attendants – claiming work-related expenses
Guards & security Guards and security employees – what expenses can I claim?
Hairdressers Hairdressers
Hospitality Hospitality industry employees
IT professionals IT professionals – claiming work-related expenses
Journalists Journalists
Lawyers Lawyers
Mechanics Mechanical, – claiming work-related expenses
Mining site employees Mining site employees – what expenses can I claim?
Nurses, midwives, carers Nurses Midwives and direct carers – claiming work related expenses
Performing artists Performing artists
Plumbers Plumber employees – claiming work-related expenses
Police Police – claiming work-related expenses Police officers
Professional footballersProfessional Sports persons & Entertainers Professional footballers – general tax guideSpecial professionals, sports persons and entertainers – claiming work related expenses
Real estate employees Real estate employees – claiming work-related expenses
Sales & marketing managers Sales and marketing managers – claiming work-related expenses
Sales reps Sales representatives – claiming work-related expenses
Shop assistants Shop assistants
Special professionals Income averaging for special professionals
Teachers Teachers – claiming work-related expenses
Travel Agents Travel agent employees – claiming work-related expenses
Truck drivers Truck drivers – claiming work-related expenses.



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