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Individual Property Tax Returns

RAll tax returns are prepared by the Principal – Garry Wolnarek. Garry sees every tax return as an opportunity to provide advice from his experience working with property clients over 20+ years, many property cycles, and varying wealth strategies.

Tax Returns

Individual Tax Returns

 From $220 each

Motor Vehicle Log Book Claims $99 each

Rental Property Tax Schedule

Rental Property Schedule

 $165 each

Capital Gains Calculation (CGT) $330 each

Fee Example

Mum and Dad’s tax returns with two rental properties

Individual Tax Returns x 2 $440
Rental Properties Schedules x 2 Properties $330
TOTAL   $770


Fast property tax advice for Investors, flippers or developers

Fast-targeted property & tax advice from $498*

Do you need quick targeted tax advice before entering into a property deal?
We can identify all the tax issues at play in our up-to-1-hour meeting that includes a follow-up email to recap the headline tax issue and suggest a course of action to take going forward.

The right tax advice will maximise the after-tax profits or gains for all involved!

Separate ongoing advice may be needed during your project or more detailed written advice may be required to be prepared.

Investment Property Due Diligence 

– Tax Structuring for ownership & loans tax effectiveness

– Capital Gains, Stamp Duty, Land Tax,  GST implications
– Cashflow before & after Tax planning, Maximise Tax Deductions and depreciation

Deceased estate tax advice

– Final Tax Returns and Tax Returns during estate administration

-CGT tax planning on the transfer of deceased estate properties

Foreign & expat’s Australian Property Investor

– Foreign Residency Consideration for CGT, Stamp Duty, Land Tax and Negative Gearing


Developers & Flippers

-Tax implications of splitting blocks

-Use of the Margin Scheme to reduce GST on the sale of new residential property

-When is a renovation deemed a new residential property subject to GST?

-Does your project become an enterprise for GST?

-How to treat your development as a mere realisation, avoid GST, and treat profits on a capital account?


Property Developer Ongoing Accounting 

-Tax Structure advice & setup for Companies, Trusts, Partnership, JV & Syndicates
-Financial Report & Accounting Advice
– Accounting, Profit & Loss, Trading Stock, GST, Margin Scheme, Tax Planning, BAS’s, PAYG, Tax Returns

Ongoing work, pricing on application.

*The initial verbal advice is for general information purposes only. It is not intended as legal, financial, investment advice, or property tax advice and should not be construed or relied on as such. Before making any commitment of a legal or financial nature you should seek to engage Umbrella Accountants to provide a detailed written Property Tax Advice Report.

Property Flippers & Developer Tax Advice.

Subdivided – Build to Rent or Sell

Flipping / Renovating

Principal Place of Residence (PPOR)

Subdivision and developments

Farmland Subdivision

Ongoing Accounting & Tax Compliance

Setup of the right tax structures, Financial Reporting, GST Margin Scheme, BAS’s
Annual Tax Returns

 See – Property Developer Tax Planning Opportunities

Price on application


NDIS & SDA  Property GST & Tax Advice

National Disability Insurance Scheme – Specialist Disability Accommodation (NDIS – SDA)

Tax Advice on the NDIS / SDA investment properties, how to set up the various tax structure, unique GST opportunities, and ongoing accounting and tax compliance provided. 

GST-Free Advice on NDIS Participants in SDA housing investments for investors as per GST Act 1999 Section 38-38 and Attachment A.

Prices on application

SMSF – Property Tax Compliance Advice

SMSF Bare Trust for Property.

You can invest in property and other investments in your SMSF up to the value of $1.7 million, that are CGT and income tax-free when in retirement mode.

Assuming a net return of 5% could provide an annual tax-free CPI indexed income of $85,000 in retirement.

To purchase a property, your SMSF can use a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement. This is where the Trustees of a (Bare Trust) would provide a guarantee to the bank for the loan.

The SMSF can invest in commercial or residential property. You can’t have any dealings with a related party when investing in residential property. It should be for the sole purpose of investing in your SMSF.

We provide all ongoing:-

  •  Accounting
  • BAS
  • Tax Returns
  • Liaise with an SMSF Auditor

Price on application


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