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Business Decision Calculators and Tools

Business Decision Calculators and Tools

It’s not always easy to determine if various tax laws apply in various situations, or the financial implications of different investment products, however the following ATO & ASIC Calculators and Tools may help provide a decision process to follow to get the right answers.

Employee or Contractor Decision Tool

Employee/contractor decision tool

Fuel Tax Credit Decision Tool

Fuel tax credit eligibility tool
Fuel tax credit calculator

Personal Service Income – are you a real business

Personal Services Income (PSI) decision tool


Capital gains tax discount calculator for individuals

Tax withheld for individuals calculator

Work related car expenses calculator
Are you an Australian Tax resident?


Small Business Benchmarks
Depreciation and capital allowances tool

Financial Calculators

Budget Planner

Australian GST Calculator

Compound interest calculator

Your net worth calculator

Mortgage calculator  &  Interest-only mortgage calculator  &  Mortgage switching calculator

Many other calculators

These tools and calculators have been curated from those supplied by the ATO and or ASIC Money Smart, and the links above will take you to the respective webpage.

We are also available to help determine if your situation may fall foul of any tax laws, please fee free to contact our office for any help.

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