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Working with your bookkeeper

The Umbrella Accountants Team is focused on ensuring your accounting systems have integrity so you can make informed business decisions based on the figures being correct.

Taking on a bookkeeper please ask the following questions?

BookkeepingAre they qualified and experienced in bookkeeping and accountancy principles and hold the necessary qualifications?

Are they backed and supported by a Professional Organisation?

Do they have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Up to date on taxation laws which restrict the services bookkeepers can provide?

Do they abide by professional code of conduct?

Do they understand the ATO Safe Harbour Provisions?

 Bookkeeping Mest

We can help with –

Ensuring your bookkeeper is qualified

Building a good working relationship with your bookkeeper

Work in collaboration with your bookkeeper of choice as a team

Looking at cloud based accounting systems, Point of Sale, Inventory, HR, CRM, Job Flow  & Project Management, etc



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