Asset Protection Strategies

An effective  form of asset protection is to ensure that those at risk do not own any assets

Taxes are not the only consideration for setting up a particular holding or trading entity. A major consideration should also be asset protection. Every Family wants to protect their hard-earned wealth, be it a business, investments or the families personal assets and home, form the reach of others. Claims against you can be made by creditors, divorced spouses, ex-employees, and even recalcitrant relatives.

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Protection Keyboard ButtonSeparating Assets At Risk

The business is held in a trading entity while the business assets are held in a holding entity and hired back to the business

Ensure all personal assets and family home have limited exposed to any business failture.

Professionals in high risk occupations ( medical profession, consultants ) have all business and personal asset correctly structured  to minimize risk of loss.Medical Staff thumps up

Each Business Venture is correctly structured to not create a domino effect to business risk

Legal Agreement – Gift & Borrow back (see affilate partners)

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