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business travel

Travel Allowance

Travel allowances are paid to employees who are travelling for business.

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solar-panel-installationSolar Panels for Business – Tax Considerations

When looking at the price of solar panels, investors and businesses should be aware that the rebate is assessable income in the year of purchase

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holiday house

Airbnb – Open Source Accommodation Service

Airbnb a global upstart is an open source whereby everybody can rent out their home or a room on a short them basis over the internet.

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Professional Firm Practitioners with proprietorship – Audit risk for income splitting

The Tax Office is concerned business structures have been used to reduce the actual income derived by owners to far less than if they were assessed in their hands directly.

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Recent Blogs

NDIS SDA – GST Free ATO Advice to date – Part 2

NDIS SDA – GST Free ATO Advice to date – Part 2

Latest view to claiming GST on NDIS SDA Properties Read part 1 here (opens in a new tab) investors in NDIS SDA Properties need to An SDA Registered Provider with NDIA having a direct management relationship with the NDIS SDA Participant, as the direct Lessor to the...

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