Business Accounting & Bookkeeping Packages Cloud Based

All Business accounting packages provide the same great features and service.

Ask yourself if location matters any more!

It used to be important to have your company’s accountant located nearby. But today, more companies are collaborating online, using cloud-based technology to manage their business. This means that location is less of an issue. With cloud accounting, you and your accountant can view identical real-time data at the same time – no matter where you are.

The only difference is the number of transactions we process for you.

Include in each package is – 

  • bookkeeping on mobile phMonthly bookkeeping with DIY invoicing
  • Monthly business performance report
  • Quarterly GST and BAS returns
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Annual Business Tax Return
  • Accounting software – Xero Standard
  • Ad-hoc general accounting and tax questions
  • Initial Xero
  • Why Tradies love Xero

Our packages are designed to be simple:

Why is Umbrella Accountants so affordable?

Clients often question how we can be this price competitive while still offering outstanding service. Here’s how:

  • Cloud Accounting

    Are you interested in Cloud Accounting

    Being online allows for quality at a lower price. We can bring our combined 30 + years’ experience to you, no matter where you are in Australia!

  • Our office doesn’t need to be impressive. When you’re online you don’t need expensive top floor offices with water views or shop front exposure – our service does all the talking!
  • We don’t need old-school physical storage. Ever stepped into an accounting firm with more filing cabinets than employees? We’re saving trees and money on rent by embracing the cloud.
  • We don’t need staff members to chase up customers that don’t pay. We’re subscription based, with our great customers paying a recurring monthly amount (with no set-up fees and no contracts). This means no chasing up unpaid invoices at our end.
  • We don’t watch the clock. We don’t charge you by the minute – this means we don’t waste time on things that don’t add value to your business or ours. Our invoicing is also done automatically, saving us loads of time.
  • We have great systems in place. We’ve embraced the cloud and spent months and months researching our systems so that we can be super-efficient. That means time and money savings for you and us.
  • We don’t promise to do everything. We know what we do and we do it well. We focus on accounting for startups and small businesses. We also do tax for small business owners and their families.

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