Depreciation Claims

Depreciation and Building Write-off Checklist

The following checklist can be used as a guide for claiming depreciation for residential rental property assets.

The checklist represents the ATO’s current views on which assets can be depreciated under
Division 40 (Fixtures & Fittings) and which assets may be eligible for the building write-off under Division 43 (building).

It also provides the effective life of those assets which may be depreciated.
The following is an explanation of the key terms used in the checklist:


On this page:

♦ Fixed – means annexed or attached by any means (e.g., screws, nails, bolts, glue,
adhesive, grout, cement, etc.) but not merely for temporary stability.

Freestanding – means items designed to be portable or movable (e.g., furniture).
Any attachment to the building is only for the item’s temporary stability.

♦ Other than freestanding – means items fixed to the premises that are not designed to be
portable or movable. The test is not whether the item is removable, even if the attachment
is slight, but whether the inherent design and function of the item is such that it is intended
to remain in place for a substantial period of time.

♦ Division 43 – indicates that a building write-off deduction may be available (generally at
the rate of 2.5%).


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Rental Property Depreciation Items

DescriptionDiv 40Div 43Effective Life Years
Bathroom Assets
Bathroom accessories (freestanding) – soap holders, toilet brushes, shower caddies, etc.51/07/2004
Bathroom accessories (fixed) – towel rails, toilet roll holders, soap holders, etc.
Bathroom fixtures – baths, wash basins and vanity units, tap ware, toilets, bidets, etc.
Exhaust fans (including heater/fan/light units)101/07/2004
Curtains (excluding curtain rods and screens)21/07/2004
Doors, rods, screens and trays
Spa baths:
Pumps only201/07/2004
Bedroom Assets
Furniture (freestanding)13⅓1/01/2001
Kitchen Assets
Crockery and cutlery51/07/2004
Garbage disposal units101/07/2004
Hot plates121/07/2004
Kitchen fit-out – (including cupboards, bench tops,
sinks, tapware, tiles)
Microwave ovens101/07/2004
Ovens and stoves121/07/2004
Range hoods121/07/2004
Water filters:
Electrically operated units151/07/2004
Other plumbed-in units
Laundry Assets
Clothes chutes
Clothes dryers101/07/2004
Ironing boards:
Other than freestanding (e.g., built-in)
Laundry fit-out – tubs, tap ware, tiles, etc.
Washing machines101/07/2004
Lounge/Family/Living Room Assets
Digital video display (DVD) players51/07/2004
Furniture (freestanding)13⅓1/01/2001
Stereo systems (incorporating amplifiers, cassette players, compact disc players, radios and speakers)71/07/2004
Surround sound systems (incorporating audio, video receivers and speakers)101/07/2004
Television sets101/07/2004
Video cassette recorder (VCR) systems51/07/2004
General Indoor Assets
Air-conditioning assets (excluding pipes, duct work and vents):
Air handlings units201/07/2003
Cooling towers151/07/2003
Condensing sets151/07/2003
♦  Absorption251/07/2003
♦  Centrifugal201/07/2003
♦     Volumetrics (including reciprocating, rotary, screw, scroll):
–  Air-cooled151/07/2003
–  Water-cooled201/07/2003
Damper motors (including variable air volume box controller)101/07/2003
Fan coil units (connected to a condensing set)151/07/2003
Mini-split system up to 20 KW (including ceiling, floor and high wall split system)101/07/2003
Packaged air conditioning units151/07/2003
Room units101/07/2003
Pipes, ductwork and vents
Alarms – refer to ‘Fire control assets’ and ‘Security and monitoring assets’
Blinds – refer to ‘Window furnishings and fittings’
Freestanding or easily re-positioned
– Timber151/07/2005
– Metal201/07/2005
Other than freestanding
– Timber/Laminated151/07/2005
– Metal201/07/2005
Other than freestanding
Ceiling fans51/07/2004
Clocks (electric)101/07/2004
Door closers (e.g., automatic hydraulic closers)101/07/2004
Door handles
Door locks and latches:
Electronic code pads51/07/2004
Door stops:
Portable/loose units (freestanding)101/07/2004
Attached/fixed to the building
Electrical assets (includes distribution boards, switchboards, switches, power points, safety switches, wiring, conduits, etc.)
Escalators (machinery and moving parts)201/01/2003
Evaporative coolers:
Fixed (excluding ducting and vents)201/07/2005
Ducting and vents
Facade – fixed
Fire control assets:
Alarms – heat and smoke alarms61/07/2004
Detection and alarm systems:
♦     Alarm bells121/07/2004
♦     Cabling and reticulation
♦     Detectors (including addressable manual call points, heat, multi-type and smoke detectors)201/07/2004
♦     Fire indicator panels121/07/2004
♦     Manual call points (non-addressable)
Doors – fire and separation doors
Emergency warning intercommunication systems (EWIS):
♦     Master emergency control panels121/07/2004
♦     Speakers121/07/2004
♦     Strobe lights121/07/2004
♦     Warden intercom phones121/07/2004
Exit/emergency lights
Fire extinguishers151/07/2004
Fire sprinkler systems:
♦     Excluding pumps
Pumps (including diesel and electric)251/07/2004
Fire hose cabinets
Fire hose/reels:
♦     Hoses and nozzles101/07/2004
♦     Reels
Hydrant boosters (excluding pumps)
Stair pressurisation assets:
♦  AC variable speed drives101/07/2004
♦  Pressurisation and extraction fans251/07/2004
♦  Sensors101/07/2004
Water piping
Water tanks
Floor coverings (fixed) – including tiles, cork, parquetry, linoleum and vinyl
Floor coverings (removable without damage):
Floating timber151/07/2004
Furniture (freestanding)13⅓1/01/2001
Garbage bins (not owned by council)101/07/2004
Garbage chutes
Garbage compacting systems (excludes chutes)6⅔1/01/2001
Grease traps
Gym assets:
Hand dryers, electrical101/01/2001
Heaters (fixed):
Ducts, pipes, vents and wiring
Electric heaters151/07/2004
Fireplaces (including wood heaters)
Gas heaters:
♦     ducted central heating units201/07/2004
♦     other151/07/2004
Heaters (freestanding)151/07/2004
Hooks (for robes)
Hot water systems (excluding piping):
Electric and gas121/07/2004
Hot water system piping
Intercom system assets101/07/2004
Lifts (including hydraulic and traction lifts)301/01/2003
Lift wells
Lights and light fittings:
Light fittings (hardwired)
Light fittings (non-hardwired)51/07/2004
Removable shades51/07/2004
Master antenna television (MATV) assets:
Power sources101/07/2004
Master antenna television (MATV) assets (excluding amplifiers, modulators and power sources)
Fixed (e.g., glued/screwed to walls)
Freestanding (e.g., hung on hooks)151/07/2004
Ramps (e.g., wheelchair ramps)
Safes – fixed
Sanitary fixtures – fixed (including soap dispensers)
Satellite dishes
Security and monitoring assets:
Access control systems:
♦     code pads51/07/2004
♦     door controllers51/07/2004
♦     proximity readers71/07/2004
♦     swipe card readers31/07/2004
Closed-circuit television systems:
♦  cameras41/07/2004
♦  monitors41/07/2004
♦  recorders:
–       digital41/07/2004
–       time lapse21/07/2004
Switching units (including multiplexes)51/07/2004
Security alarm systems:
♦  code pads51/07/2004
♦  control panels51/07/2004
♦    detectors (including passive infrared, photo sensors and vibration)51/07/2004
♦     noise makers (e.g., bells and sirens)51/07/2004
♦     global system for mobiles (GSM) units51/07/2004
Security doors/screens – metal or mesh
Shelving (other than freestanding)
Signs (fixed) – e.g., street numbers
Solar-powered generating system assets201/07/2004
Telecommunications assets:
Telephone handsets101/07/2004
Cordless phones41/07/2004
Telephone installation
Distribution frames
PABX computerised systems101/07/2004
Television antennas:
Freestanding  (including portable)51/07/2004
Vacuum cleaners:
Ducted units:
♦     motors101/07/2004
♦     wands101/07/2004
♦     hoses101/07/2004
♦     ducting, pipes and vents
Ventilation assets:
Other (e.g., vents, ducting and whirly birds)
Water pumps201/01/2001
Water tanks
Window furnishings and fittings:
Awnings (fixed to structure or part of the building) – metal, fabric, roller or other
Fixed brackets, tracks and pelmets
Internal blinds (e.g., Venetian, roman, roller and vertical blinds)101/07/2004
Insect screens
Window louvres
Window shutters (manual)
Window shutters (automatic):
♦     motors101/07/2004
♦     controls101/07/2004
♦     excluding motors and controls
Outdoor Areas
Freestanding (e.g., portable)51/07/2004
Fixed (e.g., built-in)
♦     sliding trays and cookers101/07/2004
Boat sheds
Bollards – fixed
Car parks (sealed)
Clotheslines (including foldaway designs)
Driveways (sealed)
Floor carpet  (including artificial grass and matting)51/07/2004
Furniture – outdoor (freestanding)51/07/2004
Furniture – outdoor (other than freestanding)
Garage doors:
Manually operated
♦     door only
♦     motors101/07/2004
♦     controls51/07/2004
Garden awnings/shade structures (fixed)
Garden lights:
Garden sheds:
Freestanding (e.g., portable)151/07/2004
Other than freestanding
Garden watering installations (systems):
Control panels51/07/2004
Timing devices51/07/2004
Excluding control panels, pumps, timing devices
Electrically operated
♦     motors101/07/2004
♦     controls51/07/2004
Gutters and downpipes
Jetties (including boat sheds and pontoons)
Letter boxes – in-wall/fence or free standing
Operable pergola louvres:
Electrically operated
♦     controls151/07/2004
♦     motors151/07/2004
♦     pergola structure
Retaining walls
Saunas (excluding heating assets)
Sauna heating assets151/07/2004
Screens – fixed (including glass screens)
Septic Tanks
Sewerage treatment assets
Controls and motors81/07/2004
Freestanding spa units (including pumps, filters, heaters, controls and blowers)171/07/2004
Other than freestanding (i.e., fixed):
♦     spa (including lights)
♦     heaters (electric or gas)151/07/2004
♦     chlorinators121/07/2004
♦     filtration (including pumps)121/07/2004
Swimming pool assets:
Swimming pool, pool fencing, pool lights
Pool furniture (freestanding)51/07/2004
Cleaning equipment71/07/2004
Filtration (including pumps)121/07/2004
♦     electric151/07/2004
♦     gas151/07/2004
♦     solar201/07/2004
Tennis courts (including fences, lights, posts and surfaces)
Tennis court assets:
Umpire chairs151/07/2004
Court rollers31/07/2004
Court cleaners31/07/2004
Drag brooms31/07/2004
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