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Free Investment Property Tax Booklet

Red Gift Box with House

Complimentary Booklet What’s in it !

  • Introduction to Negative Gearing
  • Ownership Options for an Investment Property
  • Joint Tenants versus Tenants in Common?
  • What are the rental property deduction?
  • What to watch when buying or selling a rental property
  • How does capital gains tax work if I sell?

Investment Property Tax Planning Free Booklet

 Property Advice Tailored to your situation from $220

Files with the text property tax written on the tabInvestment Property Advice from $220Property Values Factors

 Investment Property Due Dilgence

Structuring for maximise tax effectiveness, best ownership and loans setups

Capital Gains, Stamp Duty, Land Tax, GST  implications

Cashflow before & after Tax Cost estimates

Maximise Tax Deductons & Depreciation

Advice Appointments can be conducted –  At our office – Phone or Skype

(please note phone or Skype appointment requre online payment upfront)

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