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Our How

By providing property tax knowledge, so you can learn to fish yourself as much as possible before looking to buy fish!

  • Property Tax Resources you need to understand to ensure you can factor tax implications in your property decisions
  • Keep abreast of emerging trends, and changes in the market impacting your tax planning.

Property Knowledge

  • How to Start

By providing an understanding of the general rules of the property game

  • Due Diligence considerations
  • Ownership considerations
  • Buying Process
  • Financing
  • Managing Property
  • Selling Property

The Main Players in the Property Game you will need to work with

Providing an understanding of how each of the following players is important to understand their role, and how to determine which ones are best for your team.

  • Real Estate Agents, be it – Buying, Managing or Selling Agents
  • Conveyancing Agents
  • Town Planners, Certifiers, Architects, Engineers and Builders
  • Finance Brokers and Bankers,
  • Property Valuers & Quantity Surveyors
  • Local, State & Federal Governments
  • Property Promoters & Spruikers
  • You – trying to kick as many goals as possible during the property game

Umbrella Property Accountants

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Your trusted property accountants, doing the job of the umpire, scorekeeper and sounding board in your dealing with other property players. Tax Specialist Coach for tax advice.

Preparing all Property Related Tax Returns & Financials Statements

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